Christoph John - Author


Christoph John was born and raised in South London in 1969

Deciding against studying film at university, he chose to watch them instead, usually in the company of various girlfriends.

His first commercial Ted Hughes-inspired poems appeared in anthologies by Poetry Now during the early 1990s, before a varied management career, including stints at UGC Cinemas and Heathrow Airport, soured the creative juices. 

Approaching forty, Christoph decided it was all very fine to think about authoring a book, what he ought to do is write the damn thing. Surrendering work and enrolling at the local adult learning college, he concentrated on developing his storytelling skills. Five years on, the result is a series of action thrillers featuring the journalist and adventurer Jon Drago. The first of these, Steel Wolf, will be published on line by Matador in 2015.

Christoph has won awards for his poetry, which focuses on people and how place and history form their passions. All his writings reflect the landscape and cultures of Europe, through which he travels regularly and extensively.

Christoph John still lives, eats, drinks and watches movies in South London.